I am Gay USA Advertising in Los Angeles

The message behind the billboards off of the 110E FWY --


If you live in Los Angeles metropolitan area you have probably seen the boards on Casa Vertigo, driving on the 10E almost crossing the 110 Freeway an estimate of 300,000 commuters are reached with a different message every week.

From a sign of COEXIST, Go Dodgers and the latest a Oprah for President sign pushing Oprah to announce her leadership for POC and the LGBT community. Have you noticed that all of them have something in common? Like, a happy face?

Why a happy face? The happy face that is shown on each of the billboards has a message behind it, the company IAG has been sponsoring some of those billboards to position a brand’s logo.

IAG USA is a lifestyle brand with a positive message to share with the world... You don't have to be gay to be gay to be gay. You can be gay sexually and you can be gay happy and we don't have to let our sexuality or gender define us.

 The brand was inspired after the song ‘Take me to Church’ a song that’ s about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love.

IAG  is a gender fluid apparel brand, celebrating and bringing together anyone and everyone. IAG is inspired and influenced by the diversity of people and culture and it was created to spread positive vibrations amongst everyone and anyone. It does not matter your sexual orientation, your size, your height or your skin color. 

A percentage of profits are donated to the brave doctors and patients of The Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

For business inquires for the Billboards you can visit: www.casavertigo.com