Pink's Amazing message to the LGBT community

Some of the inspiration for the brand I am Gay USA has been celebrities that have spoke out LGBT community  and that are Ally’s for this cause like Pink who in one of her most inspirational speeches during the Acceptance for the ‘Ally Equality Award’ She declared herself a gay gal with the words:

‘Hi, I’m Alicia , I’m a Virgo , I’m 31, I’m gay’

Actually I’m not but that doesn’t actually matter

My point is, I would like in the world

The same very response that you get from hi, I’m a Virgo.

I would like, hi I’m gay to elicit the same kind of response like

Yeah, ok great, nice to meet you!


I don’t want there to be gay marriage

I just want there to be happy marriage

And lasting marriage, and healthy marriage

And I look forward for the day,

When we don’t have to talk about it anymore

That’s far off and thanks you so much to the HRC for moving this along with the human race.

Anyone anytime someone said that I’m gay comes out even when sometimes people don’t say that. There is a ripple heard around the world or around the community the tabloids eat up who I call the modern day adult bullies, your job may be in jeopardy especially if you serve the country which is incredible.

Your friends might turn your back on you, your parents might cry some parents get angry some parents never even get to know their children and I think that

Is a shame.

A long time ago I decided that no matter where I went or what I did with my life I was always going to be very true to myself and stick up for the underdog

I have always identified with people that struggle and maybe

It’s because I’m a Jew, maybe is because I don’t hold the warped to belief that my way…….

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