New beginnings are new horizons for growth and positive change. As one cycle ends, a new is emerging with limitless potential. The New Year is upon us, and it is resolution tiiiime (Said in Oprah Voice)! There is a growing authenticity movement that requires a lot of self-love, and willingness to come exactly as you are, in spite of all of the voices replaying in your head that have shamed you for self-expression. 2019 can be the year your weird little heart burst out like the sun, beaming with rays of authenticity. Here are 5 ways you can live your authenticity and love who you truly are.


1. Be true to yourself.
We have heard this phrase tossed around since the Shakespeare days, but some things are not as easy as they seem. Feeling judged by others is very uncomfortable, and has most of us retreating to the cookie cutter mold we are taught to live as in order to be accepted. Well, stop it. Understand that people ARE going to judge you…no matter what you do. So if you find yourself shrinking under the heat of shame, and not fitting in, turn it around. Just imagine a world where we all live as we really are, and not as we are expected to be. Face the fear of shame and watch it become insignificant and silly, as you rise to heights you are meant to reach. Be. The. Change.
2. Recognize that there is no such thing as Perfect.
In this age of information, we receive a lot of imagery of perfection that, let’s be honest, we can’t all achieve. As a matter of fact, the people and moments we see posted on IG and other socials aren’t even real. They are crafted, lit, angled, staged, planned, and often professionally shot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent time to be an entrepreneur and it’s fun to create beautiful things, I just feel we have some responsibility to show that it’s OK to have imperfections too. If everything is too perfect, then what is real? Consider where our need to be perfect comes from? Whether it’s from our families, the schoolyard, social media, or manipulative messaging, the message isn’t the truth. We all have bad days, and messy moments. And that’s ok too. Authenticity is also imperfection.
3. Listen to your heart.
The heart has long been associated with love, romance, sadness and joy, but technically, it is an organ with the physical purpose of pumping blood throughout the body. Recent scientific study however, insists that the heart has its own way of thinking – with neurons similar to the ones found in the brain that actually can work together with the neurons of the brain. This means the heart and the brain are more connected than we ever realized, and that the heart indeed thinks for itself. It makes so much sense now, right? If we all practice listening more to our hearts, we will be consciously connecting to our sense of love. A path of self-love is a path of inner peace and authenticity.
4. Remember that you belong here.
We couldn’t say it better than Ellen. No matter who you are, or who you love, you have a purpose. Your purpose could reach millions, and your purpose could reach no further than your own back yard. Without you though, something in this world would be missing; therefore, you 100% belong. Affirming that you belong here with everybody else will lead you to, or magnify your purpose, and sharing that purpose with the world is a gift you give.
5. Practice Self Care
Self-care is a powerful and deliberate choice that we make with the intention of optimal overall health. Self care helps in relationships, communication, improved mood and reduced stress. Self-care goes beyond physical well being, and also covers emotional, mental and even spiritual wellness. Self-care includes language we choose to use, and language we accept from others; emotional validation at any given moment; respecting your own personal boundaries; saying ‘No’ when you want to; taking naps; meditation; alone time; eating nourishing foods; staying hydrated; and this list goes on and is specific to you. The act of self-care is deeply rooted in self-love. When you practice self-care, you are being authentic because you are doing for yourself what you intuitively know is beneficial for your own well-being and growth.
Happy New Year, Everyone!

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