Addicted to Love Interview + Photoshoot

To kick off our new photoshoot and interview series with vloggers and LGBTQ leaders, IAG had a photoshoot recently to celebrate summer, pride and love. And who better to shoot than the ladies that celebrate these topics regularly- Addicted to Love. 

Addicted to Love are a self-proclaimed #teamlovers duo consisting of Los Angeles lesbian couple Cali and Leah, who document their lives on YouTube and Instagram and give their audience insight on lifestyle, sex, and love/relationships. The goal of AtL is to spread love, success, acceptance and fun.

As our team gathered around a rooftop pool in downtown LA nd blew up balloons and unicorn-shaped pool floats; nothing seemed irregular to Addicted to Love about jumping on fairytale pool floats, giggling and embracing the full attitude that is IAG. 

IAG may stand for I Am Gay, but gay is also a general term for happy. IAG loves all people and is for all people, so the fact that Addicted to Love were so natural, happy and affectionate truly captured what our brand aims to represent. 



Check out the Addicted to Love pages below!


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