Jamel Myles Shows Us The Fight For Equality is Far From Over

Late last month a nine year old boy, Jamel Myles, died from suicide after only four days into the school year because of bullying by other students for having came out as gay. Over the summer he came out to his mother who showed him love and acceptance, she told FOX News that "he went to school and said he was gonna tell people he’s gay because he’s proud of himself." Some students didn’t respond back to his truth the same way his mother had, they reportedly told him to “kill himself” amongst other terrible things.

This is just one of many incidents where an LGBTQ person commits suicide because of hateful comments made towards them for openly being their true selves. We need to continue talking about these situations to shed more light on the issue of homophobic bullying.

Jamel Myles death shows us that the fight for equality is not close to being over. Everyone, not just the LGBTQ community, needs to rally together so that we can soon live in a world where children, teenager, and adults feel accepted no matter who they love.

Parents and schools should start teaching children at a young age about the LGBTQ community. We need to inform the younger generations that it’s okay to be gay, so that these children grow up not afraid to be their true selves and show everyone love and acceptance.

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